Tim Bonerb & Associates LLC

Tim Bonerb & Associates LLC

Stinson Beach, CA 94970-0395


​Ever since I was young, I've had a passion for fixing, improving and buildings things. I think it started when I poudly strapped on my first tool belt at age seven and began building tree houses.  Soon I was working on power equipment, then building small business from the ground up. It's now more than four decades later and I am basically doing the same thing - designing, solving problems, inventing and building.  It's simply in my nature.

​While growing up, I had the fortune of gaining valuable experience in my family's businesses.  As a result. I was able to learn about the problems and shortfalls in the chemical and food processing industries. I was allowed and encouraged to work on solutions.  The first new product solution I conceived was so exciting, it ended up being the subject of several Harvard Case Studies.

The natural by-product of my hands-on experience has been to learn by doing.  Hence, I've become a welder, metal fabricator, patent writer, illustrator and prototype builder.  I've also been intimately involved in preparing Patent & Trademark Licenses, raising capital, marketing, graphic design and managing start-ups.  These have all been important and necessary disciplines for which I've achieved an advanced level of proficiency as a skilled inventor.

In the process of perfecting these crafts and skills, I've established many long-term relationships with other organizations and professionals.  I continue to use their services and rely on their experience for engineering, manufacturing, testing, control design, writing, computer modeling and legal counsel.   I know the R & D Process well and can provide accurate levels of predictability, skill and results. 

In short, my life's work and experience has proven to me that The Knowing of Something really is in the Doing of It. The website is a synopsis of what I know and , more importantly, what I can do for you.