Tim Bonerb & Associates LLC

Engineering / Product Finishing Work

In addition to providing a reliable, competitively priced product, it is equally important (because of the real potential for litigation) that your product is engineered safe, reliable and in compliance with legal and industry standards. 

While almost any type of NEMA-rated control system can made be suitable for testing, the final design must have the proper NEMA rating, as well as the UL Labs seal of approval rating, if it is to be marketed as a consumer product.

As work place injuries (such a carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion and back injuries do to lifting) have become a major problems affecting overhead expense for many manufacturing companies, special consideration should be given to the study and practice of ergonomics in the production process.  

One task that a CAD software modeling can't perform is to actually interface with the piece of equipment being developed.  It is really during the "hands-on" testing stage where modifications are best made to improve "operator interface" and maintenance/replacement of parts issues.

To ensure the longevity and intended life span of a product, careful consideration must be given to the type of coating(s) and materials of construction of a product during the term of the warranty and beyond.

As part of the product finishing stage, we can provide all of the necessary operating and safety manuals, MSDS sheets, the inclusion of foreign language definitions/descriptions, electrical requirements, and any warning or hazard labels and descriptions that may be required.