Tim Bonerb & Associates LLC

In 1996, as a result of the Gatt Treaty passing Congress, the patent laws were changed to allow inventors a year from the date of their first "provisional" application more time to study, test, and practice their inventions before a formal patent application would require filing. To enter into the patent process, we will provide text, drawings, and direction to file your first "provisional" application.  With the first "provisional" legally in place, we can then focus on updating the modifications that take place during the first year by adding this new information to the formal application.  Then we complete the application by adding the claims and paying the filing fees.

In addition to filing well over 100 patent applications, my experience in both patent litigation and patent prosecution has provided me with considerable knowledge and special insight into the realities of Patent Law and the proper licensing of Patents & Trademarks.  

As part of our normal routine for filing and updating patents, we also have the capacity and skill to 1.) perform trademark searches and registrations, and 2.) source and manage domain names. 

In protecting your invention as you move forward to commercialize it, we can provide the necessary confidentiality agreements to cover just about any business situation.

Patents & Trademarks